Sew Heart Felt England

The Sew Heart Felt Slipper Collection is designed in England by Sonia Spencer and skillfully handmade by women across the world, using local traditional crafts handed down over many generations. Wherever possible, the Sew Heart Felt slipper collection is made using organic fibres and eco-friendly pigments. Each of our Sew Heart Felt children’s slippers are beautifully crafted using soft felt materials, in a range of funky designs and characters which little ones will love! Keep those toes cosy with a pair of soft, unique Sew Heart Felt slippers. Coccolino is also proud to say that the Sew Heart Felt collection has recently been awarded “Gift of the Year” for the Eco-Friendly Award, for the second year running! So why not treat someone to a pair of Sew Heart Felt slippers and save the planet whilst doing it!

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