Little Linens

The designer Keely Deiniger has collected vintage linen treasures for the past 25 years, with the aim of putting together a collection that combines the nostalgia of times gone by with the modernity of today.

The Little Linens collection is a celebration of the craft of needlework. Each garment has been made using fine linen cloth. We have washed all our Little Linens garments to remove shrinkage and make them wonderfully soft. The garments are also all machine washable so they can be worn every day, not just for special occasions. The buttons are mother-of-pearl, drilled from real sea shells, as they would have been on garments made 100 years ago.

The timeless designs are enriched with beautiful detailing, such as hand embroidery and crochet. The cut of the garments are simple and timeless – they are both classic and casual. The Little Linens children’s clothing range can be purchased online today, now with extra discounts!

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