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Does pink stink for you and your princess?

I’m sure that you, as a paid up member of the new, emboldened 21st century woman consider yourself to be a feminist of the truly noble kind. The type of one that encourages equality for all, regardless of gender. In fact, you’re so advanced that maybe, just possibly, your beloved “princess” will absolutely and categorically never ever be dressed in pink.

After all, pink does indeed stink in that it labels the child. Little girls dressed in pink don’t thump or bite or kick. They play nicely with their friends. They like dolls and Wendy houses and Little Tikes kitchens. They cry if a little boy, dressed in blue, of course, is too rough as he kicks his football in her direction, or snatches her teddy bear aggressively from her gentle, caressing arms.

Pink is indicative of sugar and spice and all things nice. Whilst blue is most definitely, slugs and snails and puppy dog tails.

Indeed, there are some who suggest that girls who are deliberately moulded into the little princess are less likely to reach their full academic professional potential. For those little ones who spend their days organising their dolls are unlikely to become the leading engineers, scientists or mathematicians of the future.

And we, as liberated 21st century women know without hesitation that all stereotypes should be discarded with haste. We are sick of being the underdog, the inferior, the home-maker ( previously known as house-wife), and demand to be valued on the basis of our identity, our personality, our skills and our potential.

In fact, there are several mothers out there who are now deliberately determined to remove the colour pink from their little girl’s wardrobe in the pursuit of gender equality. They are determined to ensure that no dress or doll will cross the threshold or enter the child’s rapidly developing vocabulary. Their little girl WILL play with cars, she WILL wear trousers and they WILL (probably) be blue.

Fast forward a few years and I’m sure that most of us can appreciate a man who can carry off a pink shirt. We usually commend him for being in touch with his feminine side. And when we are adult, or even reach adolescence, nobody really cares about whether wearing pink or blue is a sign of gender equality.

So, what do you do if your little girl likes wearing pink or your little boy REFUSES to wear pink? Surely, if you are a principled gender equality pioneer this is going to be a challenging situation to find yourself in?

Well we at Coccolino like to think that our wonderful, fascinating children should wear exactly what suits them regardless of colour. Because trying too hard NOT to fit into a stereotype is just as bad as plonking girls and boys into pink and blue in the first place.

We have a range of colours and styles that changes with the seasons and that is sourced from Europe, Scandinavia and beyond. We particularly like to cater for special occasions. But finally, and most importantly, you will be able to choose whatever you want for your little one and we will assist you every step of the way.

Written by: Louise Black – Sept 2016