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After a momentous week in political history

After a momentous week in political history resulting in the most impressive wearer of the combover hairstyle securing himself a new home in the White House, another famous lothario, Russell Brand, announced his intentions for his newly born daughter.  It seems that men with extravagant hairstyles are making their mark!

Little Mabel Brand is, we are told, to be raised “gender neutral” whatever that is!  Maybe the rise and rise of such popular new lifestyle philosophies is part of the reason why so many Americans decided enough was enough of the trendy liberal left political elite?

However, back to little Mabel and her projected future of gender confusion!  Gender  neutrality,  is allegedly defined as follows:  policy, language and other social institutions that avoid distinguishing roles according to people’s sex or gender in order to prevent discrimination and stereotyping.  Phew!

So, we have earnest parents working terribly hard to avoid putting their gender neutral male or female bambinos in the pink or blue box.  They can now, be free to achieve their full potential and fly the dizzy heights of the success that surely is within reach of their chubby little red, green, yellow (but for God’s sake, not pink or blue) fingertips.

Now, my argument is that whilst going to great lengths to avoid the stereotype, the parents end up creating a new stereotype.  Let’s face it, we all know a couple which fit the bill.  Those that try to persuade their manly little chap who loves playing with dumper trucks to try to get in touch with his feminine side and be a Kim Kardashian of the future by heading for the killer heels in the dressing up box.  But they’re knackered with the sheer effort of it all, poor things.

It’s tough enough raising children these days but surely there is an anomaly to being gender neutral?  Aren’t you, in the pursuit of allowing your child not to be restrained by gender, putting them into the gender neutral box itself, and thereby creating a new stereotype?  Surely you are imposing your own beliefs so strongly on your child that in effect, you are challenging the very identity of your child?

This is heavy stuff, that’s for sure and whilst I’m sure there are some earnest values behind this movement, I’m yet to be convinced as to the virtues of raising children to be gender neutral.  I fear it will end in colourless tears.

One thing’s for sure, Mr Trump will probably outlaw the concept in the USA if his campaign rhetoric is anything to go by!

Written by: Louise Black – Nov 2016